Measuring Your Email Campaigns With Email Dashboards

The average open rate, globally, for marketing emails is 24.82 percent.
Do you know how your business ranks compared to the global average?
If not, you might need to start paying more attention to your email analytics. An email marketing dashboard can help with this.
Read on to learn more about the importance of using an email dashboard to measure your email campaigns.

What Is an Email Performance Report?

An email dashboard and detailed email performance report can both help you to measure the progress of your email marketing strategy and identify areas where you can improve.
An email dashboard provides real-time email marketing metrics. An email performance report, on the other hand, provides a more holistic view of your email marketing performance over a longer period of time. 
Both of these tools provide a lot of information about what’s working and what isn’t when it comes to your email marketing strategy.

The Most Important Email Metrics

What kinds of metrics should you be looking at when assessing your email marketing strategy and performance? The following are some of the most important ones to keep an eye on:

Deliverability Rate

Deliverability rate refers to the number of emails that are accepted by the recipient’s server. If an email gets sent straight to the spam folder or doesn’t reach the intended recipient at all because the address is invalid, that will affect your deliverability rate.

Open Rate

Open rate, as the name suggests, refers to the number of emails that are opened after they reach the recipient’s inbox. Lots of factors affect open rates, but one of the most important is the email’s subject line

Click-Through Rate

Click-through rate describes the number of people who follow through on your email’s call-to-action and click on the link included. The more people who do this, the more likely some of them are to actually make a purchase.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate refers to the number of people who complete a specific action after clicking on the link in your marketing email. It could be to buy something, sign up for something, download something, etc

Social Sharing Rate

Finally, social sharing rate describes the rate at which people share information from your email on their social media feeds. Let’s say you have a Facebook sharing button included in your email. Every time someone clicks on that and shares information about a sale, it’s positively affecting your social sharing rate.

How Do You Report an Email Performance?

Do you need help creating an email performance report? Are you unsure of which insights to include or highlight? If so, give these tips a try:

Focus on the Most Important Metrics

When you’re putting together an email performance report using information from your dashboard, make sure you highlight the most important metrics. Email dashboards gather all kinds of data, but you ought to highlight the ones that are most relevant to your goals.

Emphasize Trends

Focus on trends that you pick up on in your email marketing performance, too. For example, if you’ve seen that your open rate or click-through rate has been gradually increasing over the last 3 months, that’s something to highlight in your report.

Factor in Subscriber Origins

Don’t forget to take note of subscriber origins, either. Do new subscribers come from social media? Your website? Find out so you can place more emphasis on those channels in the future.

Why Are Insights Critical to Your Business?

A lot of business owners underestimate the importance of gathering email marketing insights. They know that they need to send marketing emails, but they don’t take the time to keep track of what people are responding to and what they’re ignoring. If this is you, consider these benefits that can result from regular reporting and campaign measurement:

Close More Sales

The more people you have clicking on offers in your marketing emails, the more opportunities you have to close sales. This, in turn, boosts your company’s revenue and helps you achieve your long-term goals

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customers are more likely to be satisfied if you’re assessing your metrics and making adjustments based on their behaviours. If people don’t seem to respond to emails with lots of text, for example, you’ll know to stop making them and can focus on other types of messages instead.

Address Problems Sooner

Evaluating your email campaigns with email dashboards helps you to identify problems right away. The sooner you know something’s an issue, the sooner you can start working to resolve it and prevent it from becoming an issue again.

Start Your Email Analysis Today

Careful email analysis is critical to your business’s success. An email dashboard makes it much easier for you to keep track of your email open rates and other important metrics.

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