Ever wonder how your email campaigns perform?


No matter which email marketing platform you use, nor how many you’re using, the data associated with each can be centralized in one handy platform with CloudMindPro.


With CloudMindPro, all you need to do is plug-and-play add your account and our standard detailed report will be generated in seconds to accurately assess how your email campaigns are doing in real time.


Keep your finger on the pulse of key KPIs like your click-through rate, bounce rate, subscribe rate, and more.

Get a quick snapshot of your email campaign performance.

Understanding how your email campaigns are performing is key. All the conventional metrics that can be tracked to assess each campaign — like open and click-through rates, hard bounces, and unsubscribes — will tell you how well your emails are performing and where improvements can be made. But rather than pulling individual reports, you can get a detailed snapshot all in one convenient interface.

Simplify your email marketing report.

Email marketing takes a lot of effort, which is why you want to keep tabs on how your campaigns are doing. But this can be painstaking. With CloudMindPro, you’ll be able to review all the key metrics you need to be following to get a clear indication of the health of your email marketing campaigns.

And many more....

Monthly analysis

Yearly analysis

Time of day analysis

Historical analysis

Word count

Character length


Line structure

Open rate

Open Rate vs Day Of Week

# of Campaign vs Hour of The Day

Click Rate

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Integrate email marketing platforms

We are able to connect with the leading email marketing platforms, with many more to come soon.

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