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Whether for your own business or for a client, CloudMindPro can populate all the important stats you’re looking for on one easy-to-read display. Offering seamless email marketing analytics tools and email marketing dashboards for 360 reporting is now easier than ever.

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Have your Email Marketing reports generated for you!

Which of the last email campaigns that you’ve run have outperformed the others? With CloudMindPro, you can quickly find out with a list populated almost instantly.

How are your email campaigns doing on a weekly basis? Monthly? Yearly? Choose your parameters to find out where things are going well, and where things could use a little tweaking.

Our Email Marketing Dashboards fit your specific needs. Whether you are looking for mailchimp reporting tools, or constant contact dashboards, we have you covered. See our full list of email marketing platforms here.

Analyzing your metrics has never been easier.

Instantly check on your email campaign performance.

Spy on your email campaign’s open rate and click rate to find out which emails are considered more valuable to your audience. From there, you can choose the ideal time to send your emails to different audiences in various campaigns.

Analyze your subject lines to see which ones are garnering the most attention


How did your email campaign do last week? Last year? Over the lifetime of the campaign? Get this important data within seconds with the click of a button..


Whether it’s the subject line, unsubscribe rate, bounce rate, click rate, or even time off day sent, you can spy on any parameter of your email campaigns without having to spend hours studying each individual email marketing platform.


How have your email campaigns been doing relative to the average in your industry? CloudMindPro can give you this invaluable insight with minimal effort.

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